Free material safety sheets

Is everywhere where people work with hazardous chemicals or biological substances, they can be found: safety data sheets, MSDS, or just well known in international use Material Safety Data Sheets.
As a normal consumer has with these all-important descriptions to do only rarely. But anyone who has professionally dealing with hazardous substances, should know this term and know what it means.

An MSDS must be from any manufacturer, importer and marketer of potentially hazardous substances are provided with this. Within the European Union this is by Regulation (EU) No 453/2010 lays down. But in many other countries involved in international trade, safety data sheets will be issued.
The basic structure of SDBs is regulated through international agreements. The special design but in different countries but made himself. In Germany this is regulated by the Dangerous Goods Regulation.

The safety data sheet has the task to warn the buyer and the user of potentially dangerous chemical and biological substances prior to their possible health effects. Now, however, many chemicals are identified that do not have potentially dangerous effects. This is done to better inform the user.
On an MSDS is to be found including the REACH number. REACH stands for "Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of Chemicals" and refers to the EU chemicals regulation that entered into force in 2007. The number listed REACH serves not only to follow the way of chemicals, but also proves that ran all the previous steps in accordance with EU directives.
Additional facilities on the MSDS the use of chemicals, as well as reach potential health consequences if they come into contact with animals or the environment.

Safety sees itself as a purely informational site, with the will of the user informed about the importance of safety data sheets and to understand its meaning. After extensive research here, the safety data sheets of various companies, producers and agents are given here for free access. This process is completely free.
The interested user can totally see pictured in the SDBs, study their detailed structure and learn about the possible consequences and the use of certain substances. This can help both the interested layman, as well as those who are professionally dealing with hazardous materials.
The material safety data sheets are arranged alphabetically by the name of the substances. A direct search can be used when the name of the substance is already known.